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What is the Brightness Level of LED display? How to Measure the Brightness of the LED Display?

Brightness discrimination level refers to the brightness level between the darkest and whitest images that can be distinguished by the human eye. The gray level of the screen mentioned above is very high, which can reach 256 or even 1024 levels. However, these gray levels can not be fully recognized due to the limited sensitivity of human eyes to brightness. That is to say, many adjacent gray-scale for human eyes may look the same. And eye discrimination varies from person to person. When doing the display measurement, the better the recognition level of the human eye is found, because the displayed image is viewable for people after all. The more brightness levels the human eye can distinguish, which means that the larger the color space of the display screen is, the greater the potential of displaying rich colors. The level of LED display brightness measurement can be tested by special software. Generally, the level of  LED display brightness measurement can reach 20 or more, which is a better level.

At present, the so-called 4096 gray level or 16384 gray level or higher of some domestic control system suppliers refer to the gray space size after non-linear transformation. The level of 4096 adopts the 8-bit to 12-bit space non-linear transformation technology, while the level 16384 adopts the 8-bit to 16-bit non-linear transformation technology. When 8-bit source is used for non-linear transformation, the converted space is larger than that of 8-bit source. Usually it is at least 10 bits. Like gray level, this parameter is not in a situation that the bigger it is, the better it is. Generally speaking, 12 bits can do enough transformation.

So for the size of gray and brightness, which is not in a situation that the bigger it is, the better it is, the appropriate size of gray and brightness will get unexpected results according to customer needs.

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