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Automotive panels are increasing crazily in the panel market

In order to create differentiation, automakers are adding more electronic designs to their interior design, with display panels becoming an integral part. In the past, high-resolution, large-size display screens have often been used in premium models, but as the unit price of on-board panels has declined and market demand has increased, on-board panels have become standardized to facilitate automotive panel measurement.

In the automotive panel, the shipment of dashboard, central console, head up display and other three applications combined is estimated to reach 1. 1.9 billion tablets, up 9 percent from last year. With the increasing demand, the overall output value is also high. It is estimated that the total output value of the three car application panels is about us $13.5 billion, more than nt $400 billion, with an annual growth rate of 17%.

From the point of view of demand, the display screen is more and more widely used in cars, and the number of demand is growing strongly. From the point of view of supply side, more and more panel manufacturers invest resources in automotive panel measurement. Tablets and smart phones are all experiencing a plateau of growth in small and medium sized panel applications, while in-car panels are one of the few apps with double-digit growth.

In addition to the commonly seen dashboard and center console, the application of display screen in rearview mirror and backseat entertainment system is also gradually popularized.

Rearview mirror application panel shipments are expected to jump 52 percent to 1.6 million units in 2018, up from just 1 million last year. Rearview mirror application panel is the fastest growing vehicle panel application category this year, and we are optimistic about this market. Rearview mirror rear-assembly system manufacturers are also actively launching products to further accelerate the growth.
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