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Chromatic Aberration Instruments Reduce the Impact of Chromatic Aberration on Consumers

When consumers buy a product, the first thing they feel is the color, followed by the shape. A multi-functional colorimeter provides complete color data to make excellent colors.

Within 20 seconds of picking a product, the consumer's sense of color is 80%, the sense of form is 20% after two minutes, color is 60%, the form is 40%, and after five minutes, each is 50%. As you can see, eye-catching colors can quickly attract the attention of an audience and quickly convey the brand's message, which has a preemptive effect.

Traditional manual color matching has many drawbacks, such as unstable color schemes, complete dependence on the experience and skill of the colorist, and the difficulty of long-term storage of color cards, samples, and formulas. A colorimeter is sufficient for most needs. The Color Spectrophotometer can provide accurate color matching schemes and data-based color and recipe management, reducing labor costs, and ensuring stable production. Plastics, paints, printing, food, textiles, automobiles, and other industries that require color-related accurate color matching can all use colorimeters.

Color research is based on scientific facts and requires precision and clarity in a systematic way. A color spectral aberrometer uses an RGB detector to detect the RGB component of a color in reflected light and calculates the LAB and color difference values of the color.

With the development and advancement of science and technology, the precision colorimeter not only improves the measurement accuracy but also adds the function of measuring yellowness and whiteness to the original one. The measurement of grainy, unevenly colored, powdered, colloidal, and highly reflective items can also be rigorously done by adding a built-in camera, using "SCE" and other methods. It also compares the measured sample data with the system's built-in electronic color card database to obtain a similar Pantone card number for easy reference by colorists.

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