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The Brightness Colorimeter Can Detect FPD Automatically

1. The importance of luminance colorimeter

In the final inspection of the production line and the production line, the flat panel display (FPD) in the high-speed production process needs to be optically inspected. Using the luminance colorimeter system and related analysis software, it is possible to evaluate the brightness, color uniformity and contrast of the FPD, and to identify defects on the FPD. This use has been widely accepted. The basic difference between the luminance colorimeter and machine vision is that the image luminance colorimeter can match human visual perception, including the perception of light and color uniformity (and unevenness).

2. Automatic optical inspection of FPD by luminance colorimeter

The luminance colorimeter system is a CCD-based imaging system. After calibration, its response to light, brightness and color is the same as the standard human observer defined by the CIE model. It can simultaneously measure brightness, color and their spatial relationship. During testing, the system generates data, which can be used at any time to determine display uniformity and contrast performance. In addition, differences in uniformity can be analyzed to identify and locate potential display defects.

The luminance colorimeter can perform rapid and repeatable measurement related to artificial video perception, and can identify defect characteristics digitally, so that it can not only identify display defects, but also classify defects by cause. This allows us to measure the display in manufacturing applications and automatically determine whether the display passes the test based on user-defined criteria. More importantly, it can also automatically determine remedial measures.

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