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Software Analysis and Measurement Function of Medium Size Optical

Measurement System

Medium size optical measurement system adopts dark box design, which integrates precision photometric module, precision DC power supply and module transmission module, brightness uniformity test, chroma test module, and computer. Medium size optical measurement system specially designs luminance uniformity, chromaticity uniformity, spectral distribution and chromaticity test components for light guide strips.
Powerful software analysis and measurement functions:

1. Comprehensive optical performance test and qualification determination.

It can simultaneously measure the brightness, brightness uniformity data, brightness image information temperature, chroma and chroma uniformity data, spectral power distribution and chroma parameters. Medium size optical measurement system can meet the requirements of rapid measurement of brightness in production. Brightness uniformity test results can set the upper and lower limits, whether exceeding the limit is qualified or not. Chromaticity automatically determines whether the color partition and chromatic aberration meet the requirements. It can set the criterion templates for different product specifications. The software can use different templates to automatically distinguish.

2. Control adjustment of LIN control box

The automatic control test of the software can be realized according to the user's LIN control requirements. For the range of chromaticity and chromaticity exceeding the limit, the software can be used to calibrate the luminosity and chromaticity until the luminosity meets the user's set requirements.

3. Statistical analysis of product quality distribution

Sample quality statistical analysis function: according to the weekly, daily and hourly distribution of production statistics; according to the yield and bad rate distribution statistics.

4. Identity recognition and data management traceability

Installation of scanner function can realize one-to-one correspondence between test data and each lamp, and facilitate data traceability.
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