RayClouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.
RayClouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.


● High Sensitive Colorimeter

* High Transmittance Filter

* High Sensitive Photo Diode

* Low Noise, High Sensitive Board Design

● High Speed and High Accuracy

* Iterative Precision:±0.5%(Lv),0.001(x,y)

* Accuracy:±3%(Lv),0.003(x,y)

* 16bits high speed sampling

● Wide Luminance Measurement Range:0.01~20000cd/m^2,fast measurement during radical change of Luminance through smart auto-gain Algorithm

● Flicker Measurement, support VESA、JEITA、FMA Mode

● Spectral tolerance of filter curve:≤±1%*λ

● OLED Display show measurement data directly or via USB/RS232 connect to PC.

● Flexible changeable probe can make it to finish luminance ,illuminance ,reflectance and transmittance measurement.