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RayClouds offers a variety of photometers, colorimeters and diversified optical automatic measurement systems. Different models and sizes of optical automatic measurement systems are equipped with the required photometers and colorimeters, which are used to measure the luminance, chrominance, color temperature, chrominance uniformity, contrast, color gamut, Cross Talk, response time, grayscale, GAMMA, flicker, Warm Up Time, luminance stability and other optical parameters of mobile phone screens, vehicle displays, Pads, computer displays, TV screens, e-paper displays, backlight modules, etc.

CM-10M Colorimeter: Portable handheld color analyzer, the probe is connected to the PC, the probe caliber is closely aligned with the tested product for measurement. With fast data output, the measurement results displayed directly on its own screen. It’s suitable for line integration.
FW-Series Imaging Colorometer: Equipped with 1600 resolution detector and professional ProICM testing software to achieve high precision measurement, it’s suitable for laboratory research and development analysis.
C-Series Imaging Colorimeter: Equipped with detectors with different resolutions, the optional spectrum module in the ProICM test software can realize spectral data analysis of a single point, which is suitable for high-speed detection of production lines.