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RayClouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.

New Generation of Colorimeter

RayClouds is about to launch a new generation of colorimeter, equipped with a variety of test calibers to meet different test ranges and products, providing higher speed and higher precision display measurement that can provide portable and efficient testing for display panel manufacturers!
Ultra-low luminance
Luminance as low as 0.0003 cd/m2

Ultra-high speed
0.0003 cd/m2,0.16 times per second
0.01 cd/m2,1 times per second

Very high precision
Luminance accuracy up to ±2%
Chrominance accuracy up to ±0.003

Real-time display
OLED screen is used to display the test data 

Easy to integrate
It’s common use in SDK/communication protocol that makes it easy to integrate the system to achieve automatic measurement

RayClouds has been deeply engaged in the field of optical measurement for more than 10 years, and we are honored to be your partner! 

*Coming soon, stay tuned*

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