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With the development of Mini LED backlight, the release of Mini LED backlight products has been accelerated since 2022, which not only has a certain improvement in quantity, but also more new progress in different scenarios such as TV, MNT, vehicular VR are done.

TV: SKYWORTH will soon release Mini LED TV;

MNT: SKYWORTH and Redmagic will release / pre-sell the new products on October 10

Vehicle: DESAY SV exhibits Mini LED dual-link screen;


Pimax Crystal is officially pre-sale;

Epistar have been shipped chips to Meta in small quantities.

TV: SKYWORTH will soon release Mini LED TV

Recently, SKYWORTH announced that its Fall 2022 New Product meeting will be held on October 10. And SKYWORTH's new flagship Mini LED TV, SKYWORTH 100-inch TV of giant screen wallpaper series and new Mini LED professionally designed display will be released on the same day.

The Mini LED flagship TV launched this time is the third Mini LED flagship product after SKYWORTH's Mini LED TV Q70 and the first Smart Mini LED TV Q72 released last year.

According to Experts Say Display, the Q70 screen contains 75 and 86 inches, the number of partitions is 252 and 288, and the number of LEDs is 15120 and 20736. The Q72 screen also contains 75 inches and 86 inches; the 75-inch version has 18432 Mini LEDs and 2048 physical backlight partitions, while the 86-inch version has 20736 Mini LEDs and 2304 physical backlight partitions.

In August this year, a good new from SKYWORTH Wuhan Dongxihu Mini LED Display Technology Industrial Park is that SKYWORTH Mini LED R&D trial line has successfully rolled off the production line. It is expected that in April next year, the industrial park will be fully completed and put into operation, with the manufacturing capacity of 2.4 million Mini LED display terminals per year, which also means that SKYWORTH will further layout in the field of high-end Mini LED. 

MNT: SKYWORTH and Redmagic will release / pre-sell the new products on October 10

It is worth noting that in addition to updating its flagship Mini LED TV, Skyworth will also release the Mini LED professionally designed display to continue to strengthen the layout of Mini LED.

Similarly, the official mobile game of the Redmagic also announced recently that the Redmagic e-sports display will be available for pre-sale on October 10. Previously, the Redmagic e-sports display was released in July this year, which was officially billed as "the first 27-inch 4K 160Hz Mini LED display", but the price has not been announced.

According to Experts Say Display, the display is the world’s first wireless projection with built-in millimeter wave, containing 2304 beads and 1152 independent partitions. Its luminance is up to HDR1000, and it supports for 99% DC-P3 gamut and 99% Adobe RGB gamut. Its color accuracy Delta E is less than 1 and the panel it uesd is AUO 7.0 generation II.

Vehicle: DESAY SV exhibits Mini LED dual-link screen

Recently, DESAY SV exhibited its in-vehicle display products at the 29th Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Expo in Detroit, and launched the world's first double 23.6-inch Mini LED curved dual-link screen at the exhibition.

In this exhibition, DESAY SV comprehensively displayed different sizes of in-vehicle display technology and products such as curved screen, multi-link screen, DMS fusion screen, in-vehicle entertainment system, etc. Among them, DESAY SV's debut double 23.6-inch Mini LED curved dual-link screen has received high attention with its cutting-edge design concept and styling appearance.

The product has 1536 backlit partitions and the dynamic contrast ratio is more than 100000:1. The display content is clearer, and the color layers are more distinct. Meanwhile, the curvature of the screen reached R2200. According to Experts Say Display, the Mini LED vehicle backlight technology adopted by the product is developed by LONGLI TECHNOLOGY.


Pimax Crystal is officially pre-sale

Epistar have been shipped chips to Meta in small quantities

Pimax Crystal, PIMAX TECHNOLOGY's first VR 3.0 product has confirmed the release information, and the first release will be scheduled to sale for all users in China on September 30. At that time, customers only need a deposit to pre-order the new Pimax Crystal. The number of Pimax Crystal is limited. For users who already have Pimax headsets will enjoy priority reservation rights with pre-sale deposit of 100 yuan.

According to Experts Say Display, Pimax Crystal QLED HUD was released by Pimax on May 31st this year. The display hardware is basically similar to its previous Reality, it is still QLED+Mini LED, nearly 5,000 LEDs. The pixel density is 42PPD. However, it has been strengthened in optics and PC adaption, and the price is $1899(equivalent to 12851 Yuan).

Crystal also has eye-tracking capability, which combines eye-tracking and automatic eye distance adjustment with Auto-IPD. Crystal also uses nano-coated aspherical lenses to maintain an extremely high pixel density and achieve realistic visual effects by improving the clarity of objects near and far.

It is reported that the current release version will open PCVR mode for users to have a complete experience, and the all-in-one mode will be opened in the later upgrading of product software version after the completion of debugging. 

In addition, it is reported that Epistar has become the exclusive supplier of Meta's Mini LED chips. According to the industry sources, Epistar, the chip manufacturer has supplied the Mini LED chips that based on COB for the application in VR HUD to Mate exclusively, and started shipping in small quantities.

Sources: Experts Say Display

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