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Characteristics of LCD Luminance Meter

LCD luminance meter has powerful functions in fast analysis and measurement of brightness and chroma uniformity and software analysis. It can measure two-dimensional brightness and chroma. It is mainly used to measure the brightness, chroma, brightness uniformity and chroma uniformity of images. It has the advantages of good imaging quality, high accuracy, fast measurement speed, and easy operation. It can be widely used in lighting engineering, LED/LCD display, building landscape lamp, and other fields.

The main features of LCD luminance meter are as follows:

1. The test speed is fast enough to meet the requirement of a fast test on the production line.

2. The illumination area can be recognized automatically, and the simulation color display can be used to observe the non-uniformity of brightness and chroma easily and intuitively.

3. Test results can be set upper and lower limits, beyond the limit of qualified judgment, color coordinates can be divided into BIN functions.

4.LCD luminance meter can set 9 points, 13 points, 25 points, and 400 points at will to evaluate the brightness and chroma uniformity.

5. Test results can generate data, charts, and export EXCEL and PDF formats.

6.High precision measurement. The highly stable spectral response curve matches the standard CIE V (lambda) curve strictly, and the matching accuracy is high, which ensures the accurate measurement of brightness.

7.Measurement of weak brightness. The detector is designed with constant temperature refrigeration, which further reduces noise and improves the sensitivity of the measurement. It provides a guarantee for the stable measurement of the weak brightness of OLED dark field of 0.00005 cd/m2.

LCD luminance meter can be widely used in low brightness of display under dark field condition, HDR of display and other low brightness test occasions. With the signal generator, the measurement of dark field black brightness, peak brightness and photoelectric conversion performance EOTF of OLED can be realized.
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