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Anti-blue Glasses in the Market

Anti-blue glasses market is mixed with a wide variety of fish and dragons. In 2013, professional digital protective goggles were more popular in the market. According to the absorption design of the lens, the harmful ultraviolet radiation below 400 nm is completely cut off, and the high-energy blue light at 400-500 nm is absorbed again to prevent harmful light from harming the eyes. Therefore, professional digital protective glasses are not only anti-blue glasses, but also professional protective glasses with anti-blue light, anti-radiation and anti-ultraviolet.

At present, there are many anti-blue glasses on the market, such as amethyst film, gold film, blue film, green film, yellow-green film, etc. In fact, this film has little effect on radiation protection, but it is important to have a high strength and chemical resistance of the inner membrane. It can directly penetrate the glare from the oblique rear to the intima, blocking the harm of reflection to the human eye.

There are differences in the colors of anti-blue glasses sold in many places nowadays. But the real anti-blue glasses, with the naked eye, show a special light yellow. More importantly, the real anti-blue glasses need to be tested by authoritative institutions.

If roughly tested, we can use grating spectrometer for led testing led to test the anti-blue effect of the lens. There is also anti-ultraviolet situation, general glasses stores have detection equipment, can easily identify whether anti-ultraviolet.

Of course, in order to better protect your eyes in front of the computer, we need to protect our eyes by eating more vegetables and supplementing lutein, vitamins and Zeaxanthin to enhance the antioxidant ability of the eyes.

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