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The Ultimate Solution - Imaging Luminance Meter adding Area Scan algorithm

It can not go smoothly to solely rely on the imaging luminance meter, so what should we do? Now let's introduce an algorithm called Area Scan, which has a history of more than ten years. It was proposed by Techno Team Company in German. First, it was used to display backlight characters in automobile interior decorations, which has experienced a rigorous test of German automobile industry for more than ten years. This character is composed of many small strokes, which is much more complicated than the full screen and special-shaped screen.

For such a luminous body of a complex structure, TechnoTeam has an algorithm called Symbol Object. Firstly, it is an adaptive algorithm which is based on the brightness distribution and edge characteristics, finding the edge of the luminous region, and then performs Area Scan to find the maximum and minimum brightness in the luminous region. This algorithm can be understood as follows:

1. Scanning in the luminous region with a certain area , that is, the size of the test point, is equivalent to a virtual brightness meter. The step of scanning is carried out with the pixels of a single camera. Usually an area contains a considerable number of pixels.

2. Each camera pixel in the luminous region is regarded as the central point, and a virtual brightness meter test point is formed with the surrounding pixels.

3. The distance from the virtual point brightness meter to the edge can be set. Within this distance range, the influence of the edge can be eliminated without scanning. Therefore, there is no pressure on the arc edge and obtuse angle area.

In the era of full-scale screen and special-shaped screen, dense selection of points or seamless segmentation for uniformity evaluation have defects in principle, which can not correctly reflect the real uniformity of the screen. Mainly leaks and irregular shapes can not be handled. At the same time, LMK imaging luminance meter combined with Area Scan algorithm can easily meet the needs of uniformity testing of various special-shaped screens.

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