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  • Equipped with eyepiece aiming window or built-in CCD camera. 
  • High spectral resolution (up to 0.3NM/PIXEL) is achieved by matching array detectors with high-performance gratings. 
  • It is integrated spectrum, luminance and chrominance measurement functions. The measurable parameters include: radiant luminance, luminance, relative spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, etc. 
  • The optional optical attenuator can achieve an ultra-wide range of 10E9 to meet the requirements of high contrast measurement. 
  • Accurate measurement and analysis can be performed even at weak signals as low as 0.001cd/m^2 luminance. 
  • The luminance and chrominance parameter are measured by spectrophotometry without spectral mismatching error, which can be used to calibrate the measuring equipment using the color filter method.