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Under the influence of the COVID-19, learning at home and online is the helpless choices for teachers and students. As a complementary product of online courses, electronic display devices are being used more frequently. Teachers need to pay special attention to guide students to develop a correct sitting posture, and children's visual health problems have become a concern for many parents.

It is ture that the using the electronics in a healthy and safe manner is becoming increasingly important. Our country attaches particular importance to the problem of myopia among adolescents. In terms of hardware, it has been exploring the visual comfort of display products, and vigorously promoting the research on strengthening the protection of adolescent vision health from the display product.

Driven by this demand, e-paper displays have its market. E-paper is a kind of paper-like display with low power consumption, long endurance, light weight, small size and more convenient to carry. It is displayed by reflecting ambient light and has unique strong light readability.

The human eye does not suffer from visual fatigue when using e-paper display, which is considered to be an important product for new displays in the future.

E-ink screen, refers to the screen that use electronic ink , also known as e-paper display technology. Electronic ink is a new method and technology that revolutionizes information display. Like most conventional inks, electronic inks and color-changing lines can be printed to the surface of many materials, such as curved plastics, polyester films, paper and cloth, and so on. The difference over traditional paper is that electronic ink can change color when powered on and can display the changing images, like a calculator or mobile phone.

The advantage of e-ink screen over traditional computer screen is that it reduces reading stress of the eyes. E-ink looks more like printed text, giving the eye a relaxed and comfortable reading experience.

Power saving is another feature of e-paper display. After the text is refreshed, it can stay on the screen for a long time, and the battery can be removed when reading. In other words, e-paper consume no power when they are read, only when they are turned over and refreshed. Therefore, the battery life is very long.

However, this reflective display also has disadvantages, mostly the refresh is not fast enough, long response time, residual image and so on. For users who are accustomed to using smooth display devices, this visual obstruction is more or less difficult to adapt.

Slowly refresh and residual image of the display

Relevant manufacturers need to optimize these display effects first, which can lead the realization of large-scale mass production of e-paper display, so that e-paper display can show the value in the intelligent education industry and become a good helper for everyone.

The RT-200A Response Time Analyzer independently developed by RayClouds team is an optical instrument for measuring the grayscale response time, especially for the response time and residual image of the test required for the e-paper display, which can effectively improve the quality of the e-paper display and improve the comfort of reading.

Response time diagram

When e-paper display is popularized in teaching scenarios, it can advocate the concept of paperless learning more than tablet computer, and be more environmentally friendly, more energy-saving, and better protect the visual health of teenagers. The hope of the country lies in the youth, and the future of the nation lies in the youth. When young people succeed in their studies, the strength of the nation is growing.

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