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LED Fast LED Photochromic Tester Technical Indicators

Technical Indicators:

A, LED Photochromic Tester application functions:

Built-in 30V, 2.5A constant current source. The man-machine interface based on the Windows operating system is good. Standard SMA905 optical fiber interface, CCD high-speed spectrum. The printer can be connected to print test reports, and Excel can save data for analysis. A host machine is equipped with relevant devices, which fully meets the requirements of photoelectric performance testing and analysis of the light source. It is suitable for R&D and testing of laboratories and quality inspection departments, and also for rapid testing of production lines. A high degree of automation and integration. Classification settings.

B, LED Photochromic Tester performance parameters:

It can measure the spectral power distribution, color coordinates, correlation color temperature, color rendering index, color temperature difference, peak wavelength, spectral half-width, main wavelength, color purity, luminous flux, luminous intensity (with test bracket), light efficiency, forward voltage, reverse leakage current and other photoelectric performance parameters. The instrument has high intelligence, stability, and repeatability, which fully meets the requirements of CIE for measuring light and color.

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