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What is Medium Size Optical Measurement System

Medium size optical measurement system can analyze and measure the reflection and transmission characteristics of material surface in all directions. The measurable parameters include bidirectional transmission distribution (BTDF), bidirectional reflection distribution (BRDF), reflection ratio distribution, transmission ratio distribution, total reflection (TIR), total scattering (TIS), etc. It can be widely used in mobile phone board. The BRDF/BTDF data can be derived into optical design software for the quantitative analysis of surface optical properties of materials, optical film materials and many other materials, which can be used in optical system simulation measurement and design.

Main features of Medium size optical measurement system

1. Medium size optical measurement system can measure the hemispheric reflection/transmission distribution in any direction of illumination in space by four-axis precise rotation coordination.

2. An absolute method is not restricted by the morphology and optical properties of the sample.

3. The test optical path and calculation method fully meet the requirements of ASTM E2387 and other standards.

4. The test data can be exported to optical design software such as Tracepro to assist the simulation and design of optical materials or systems.

5. High precision and high stability: long receiving light path, small receiving angle and small measurement uncertainty; laser source, high energy, good monochrome, high collimation; equipped with monitoring detectors to eliminate the influence of light source fluctuation on measurement; large dynamic range of detectors, high testing accuracy; high rotational accuracy of mechanical shaft, high angle separation Good resolution and repeatability.

6. Comprehensive analysis of surface scattering performance: Bidirectional reflectance distribution function BRDF; bidirectional transmission distribution function BTDF: reflectance distribution; transmittance distribution; total reflectance TIR; total scattering rate

7. The light source is switched freely, and the wavelength covers the range of ultraviolet-visible-near infrared. It can measure the scattering characteristics of the material surface under different color illumination. It is suitable for the sample with spectral selectivity.

8. The multi-functional analysis software of the upper computer provides a variety of BRDF/BTDF two-dimensional and three-dimensional analysis maps and is equipped with special software for BSDF distribution data viewing, providing professional BSDF data analysis.
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