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Measurement and Evaluation Technology of High Gamut Display Screen

High gamut display screen has been greatly improved in gamut range, with richer color performance and better hierarchy, which is an important trend in the development of display screen. Corresponding high gamut display technology has also developed rapidly, such as OLED, quantum dot LED display technology and so on. The basic color saturation and color purity of high gamut display screen are very high, which also puts forward higher requirements for color measurement technology and equipment. This paper combines with the typical high gamut display technology in recent years by the experimental cases and data analysis of various evaluation methods, and put forward the latest display measurement scheme.

The color performance of the display screen is related to its gamut, which directly affects people's perception of the display screen. High gamut display products have always been an important trend in the development of display in order to get colorful colors and bright pictures. In recent years, OLED and quantum dot LED display (QLED) have achieved more than 100% NTSC in color gamut. The color performance is excellent, and the texture of the picture has also been greatly improved. At the same time, the prominent color performance of high gamut display products also puts forward higher requirements for the corresponding measurement technology and the accuracy of measurement equipment.

Integral Measurement--Spectral Mismatch of Chromometer

Typical measuring equipment of integral method is luminance meter/chroma meter. The chroma meter usually has three or four photodetectors or three or four corrective filters which can be switched before photodetectors to match the CIE tristimulus curve in Figure 4. When the detector receives the incident light, it integrates the measurement directly and gets the tristimulus values X, Y and Z.

Spectroscopic Spectrometry-Display Measurement with Spectral Radiometer

Spectral radiance meter is a highly integrated high-precision measuring instrument based on spectral measurement technology. Its main feature is to measure the brightness and color of display screen by spectral method, which is spectral radiance. Because the ideal CIE tristimulus curve is directly weighted integral in the calculation process, there is no spectral mismatch error in the tristimulus colorimeter, and the measurement accuracy is very high.

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