RayClouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.
RayClouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.


  • Equipped with CMOS detector and 2 million pixel to 61 million pixel resolution detector, fully meeting the measurement needs of different precision.
  • L-Series is equipped with a Y filter that approximates human eye visual function.
  • Professionally used for FPD photometry, lighting product luminance testing, indoor, road and tunnel glare analysis, etc.
  • The high dynamic range exposure and ND filter can meet the wide measurement range, achieving up to 1000,000:1 contrast test.
  • Equipped with DDR buffer memory and bandwidth modulation to realize data reading in low-configuration operating environments.
  • Among them, L-10 L-24 L-61 adopts backlit sensor, which has ultra-high resolution of full frame and readout noise as low as one electron.
  • The ProICM professional analysis software developed with dedication provides testers with the best software environment. It can automatic output test results to meet the needs of various in-depth analyses.
  • Support readout and synthesis of ROI.