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Backlit Display Measurement System Ensures the Technical Quality of Laptop Display Screens

1. The backlit display measurement system ensures the technical quality of the laptop display

Since it first entered the market in the 1980s, notebook computers have become one of the essential equipment in our work and personal lives. Under the impact of the new crown pneumonia, people have to stay at home, many consumers are eager to upgrade their home computer systems, and many companies have to provide employees with new hardware and systems to support remote work.

Just as the display technology has evolved from CRT to LCD and OLED, so does the laptop display. At present, most laptops use LED-backlit liquid crystal displays (LCD).

Whether it is LCD, OLED or any other display technology, the visual quality of the laptop screen not only ensures functional operation, but also determines the customer experience to a large extent.

At this point, the backlit display measurement system can be used to perform extensive visual inspection tests on LCD and OLED displays, so that high-quality displays can maintain excellent quality and clarity during use.

2. The advantages of the Rayclouds backlit display measurement system

At any stage of the display design and manufacturing process, Dongguan Rayclouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. can help manufacturers ensure the quality of laptops and other electronic equipment. Our backlit display measurement system provides extremely high imaging resolution and can achieve pixel-level and sub-pixel-level brightness and chromaticity measurement to ensure the quality of high-resolution backlight and self-luminous displays.

Our backlit display measurement system provides strong support for global consumer electronics manufacturers to achieve their quality goals. We always maintain close cooperation with our customers to support them to increase production, reduce rework, and achieve absolute quality and other operational requirements. Customers are welcome to consult.

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