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Characteristics of Projector Light Measurement

Projector light measurement of measuring projector can be used to efficiently detect the contour size and surface status of complex workpieces with various shapes, such as templates, stamping parts, cams, threads, gears, forming milling cutters and other tools, tools and parts.

Horizontal measuring projector is a precise and efficient optical measuring instrument which integrates light, machinery, electricity, and computer. It uses a projector light measurement module to realize measurement. Therefore, it is widely used in machinery, molds, tools, instrumentation, electronics, light industry, and other industries. It is an indispensable metrology verification equipment in metrology room and production workshop.

1. Granite flat base, the worktable is not deformed.
2. Elevation adjustable touch screen, suitable for all kinds of height and backlight problems.
3. Manual adjustable LED cold light source, the workpiece will not be deformed twice.
4. High definition CCD imaging.
5. The lens can be doubled 20-120 times continuously without changing lenses many times.
6. Automatic edge-finding measurement can improve measurement accuracy.
7. The combination of touch screen and measurement technology is simple in operation and practical in function.
8. Humanized interface design, predicting operation sequence, short training time.
9. Improve the accuracy, from 0.02 mm of the traditional projector to 5 microns.
10. In the aiming function of the instrument, a powerful cross-line generator is equipped to enlarge and refine the image by interpolation, which can automatically measure the edge-finding and improve the measurement accuracy of the projector light measurement.
11. Function increase, such as rapid measurement of gear parameters, taper measurement and so on.
12. It can realize the functions of fast output, printing, and storage.
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