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RayClouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.

Pioneered 1600 Megapixel High Resolution Imaging Luminancemeter

C-16 Imaging Luminancemeter with 1600 megapixel detector, which can provide excellence luminance and color measurement solution.
  • Cooled technology as low as -45 degrees can minimize test noise and temperature drift. Weak signals below 0.001cd/m^2 luminance can be reliably analyzed.
  • Multiple exposure and ND filters to achieve a wide range of measurement and up to 1000000:1 contrast.
C-16 Imaging Luminancemeter

  • Uniformity of Flat Panel Displays
  • Backlit Keyboards
  • Mobile Keypads
  • Avionics and Automotive Instruments & Panels
  • Luminance and Color Analysis
  • Beam Pattern Distribution
  • LED Lighting Products
  • In line luminance and color and uniformity Analysis
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