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Guidelines for Choosing and Purchasing Color Measurement

(1) If the color measurement needed by the enterprise is used to control the consistency of printing ink in the printing process, it is reasonable to choose the color measurement. Because color measurement has more price advantage than spectrophotometer when it also meets the requirement of actual production color difference control accuracy.

(2) It is necessary to select spectrophotometer if the color measurement data are to be transmitted between different production bases of the same enterprise to control the color consistency of the same product in each production base. Because the higher absolute accuracy of the color measurement is necessary to ensure the color consistency of the same product in each production base.

(3) Whether to choose a spectrophotometer with smaller measurement step is a question worth discussing. Because smaller measuring step means higher instrument cost, and its ability to evaluate chromatic aberration of chromatogram is not necessarily improved correspondingly.

(4) The vast majority of customers will not be so harsh as to require that the color of the sample be exactly the same as that of the printed matter under any observation conditions. Therefore, whether the spectrophotometer has spectral reflectance output is not particularly important everywhere.

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