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  • Equipped with high-sensitivity PMT sensor and CMOS image sensor, it has the characteristics of low-noise and high-sensitivity circuit design.
  • A telescopic lens and 1°/0.2° viewing angle design is adopted. Equipped with a filter close to the CIE Y curve, with FFT and other data filter analysis designs, to achieve high-precision response time measurement.
  • Capable of measuring both FMA and JEITA modes, with a sampling rate of up to 500Kbs, a μs-class response speed and a storage depth of up to 256M data. Professionally used in LCD, OLED grayscale-grayscale response time, flicker and refresh rate measurement of mobile phones, e-sports displays, e-paper devices, TV screens and other products.
  • Built-in integrated moving picture response time (MPRT) analysis, EBET and other results can be obtained through BEW.
  • Accurate measurement and analysis can be performed even at weak signals as low as 0.001cd/m^2 luminance.
  • The RT-Com professional analysis software developed with dedication provides testers with the best software environment. It can automatic output test results to meet the needs of various in-depth analyses.
  • Supports the control of PC graphics card output and standard image signal generators.