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Imaging Brightness Period-Wrong Judgement is still Unavoidable

First, we simplify the problem, holding the view that the imaging luminance meter, lens distortion, spectral matching and correction have reached the level of LMK imaging luminance meter. The display alignment is also, only discussing the algorithm.

First, of course, the imaging luminance meter can pick points at will, completing 9 points, 135 points, thousands to n points. But in this way, except for the efficiency improvement, there is no big difference from the method of point brightness meter. In order to display the greatest feature of imaging brightness, there is a uniform segmentation method, that is, the display is seamlessly divided into small blocks according to the size of the required test points, and all the pixels in each small block are regarded as the brightness value of the small block on average.

What if the maximum or minimum brightness point is right on the splitting line? And that seems to be the norm. For example, if the brightness maximum point is in the middle of four adjacent small squares, the point will inevitably be omitted, because the four surrounding small squares will divide the point into four parts, and the brightness of the pixels in their respective squares are average. Therefore, by this method, it can be seen that the location of each small block is fixed, and only the points with "registered permanent residence" are counted, and the points appearing on the partition line will be delimited into other blocks because there is no "registered permanent residence", thus becoming the point of leakage.

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