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RayClouds Introduces C-Series Imaging Colorimeter C-61 with Higher Resolution CCD

1. New imaging colorimeter of RayClouds

RayClouds launched a new model imaging colorimeter, C-61 of C series, equipped with 60 million pixel resolution CCD.

RayClouds team has independently developed C-series imaging colorimeters, including C-2, C-10, C-16, C-24 and C-36 models. Imaging colorimeters are designed with different resolution CCD, among which C-2 and C-16 have been widely used in display measurement, such as online measurement of backlight module uniformity, display luminance and  chrominance measurement, automobile display measurement and so on. As a member of C series, C-61 imaging colorimeter boasts higher imaging resolution. the imaging colorimeter can measure and analyze the pixel level of more high-end display screen and provide users with a more perfect terminal experience. C-61 is designed with a cooling high-resolution CCD, which can effectively reduce noise, support a variety of focal length lens, adjust distance for different working needs, measure different sizes of products, and perform two dimensional analysis on the entire luminous area, such as pixel level brightness analysis, uniformity analysis, pixel defect analysis and subtle appearance defect detection, etc.. The improper operation of those tests by human being always bring about disqualified finished products, but the C series imaging colorimeter combined with professional PROICM software comes with template setting and modular measurement function, which meets the different measurement needs of users. It can not only test the products systematically, but also improve the efficiency more effectively!

2. The development of imaging colorimeter

With the wide application of OLED, the display technology in the future is developing towards microLED. For the measurement of smaller and smaller light-emitting components, higher resolution detection equipment is needed to effectively control the products. It is believed that in the near future, C-61 with 60 million pixels will be prevailing the market!

RayClouds will, as always, develop higher resolution imaging colorimeters to provide users with complete measurement solutions.

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